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about museum:

It was possible to create the museum of Automotoantiquity («Automotostarina») in Vladivostok thanks to creative union of club amateur’s groups of automotoantiquity (director – Shylzhitsky N.A.), of "Gamma limited" company (director – Vladimirov V.A.), of Primorsky state museum named after Arseniev V.K. (director – Aleksuk G.A.). The teamwork, well-coordinated work and permanent mutual aid helped to collect, preserve and restore the unique collection of Soviet automobile vehicles and motorcycles in comparatively short historical time period; also permitted to build museum and to make beautification of surrounding territory. The ceremonial opening of the first in Russia automobile museum took place 28 March 2002.

The museum is located in reconstructed building of Stalinist construction of 1939. The first part of museum consists of six halls, which total area is 1000 square meter (sq.m). The second part is planned to be at the rate of 800 sq.m., where will be located the collection of trucks and motorcycles. There is also the exposition of the automobile-participants of the Great Patriotic War on the open-area platform on the territory of museum. There are rent infant equipment and bicycles. Biannually the competitions of child school’s groups arrange there under the supervision of automobilist’s society and Vladivostok traffic police.

The visitors of museum on the concrete exhibit items study the history of development of automobile business in Russia, get to know the equipment of the Great Patriotic War, get the knowledge about history of our state. The students of higher education establishments and specialized secondary educational institutions pass the manufacturing and graduate practice on the basis of our museum. Our museum became the visiting card of Vladivostok and the object of tourist’s infrastructure.

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