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cars: SMZ S-3А

Passenger capacity: 2 persons
Kind of the engine and its volume: 1 cylinders, 346 cm3
Engine power: 10 h.p.
Maximum speed: 60 km/h

See also:   motor cycle

In 1958 cycle-car SMZ S-3А was put on the conveyor of the Serpukhov motorcycle factory. This cycle-car became the first four-wheel in our country. Model SMZ S-3А was not more as an original motorized armchair for invalids. However on a background of cars deficiency consumers began to put forward in relation to it same requirements, as to a usual vehicle. Attempts to satisfy them only complicated the car.

The motorcycle duple engine Izh-49 (346 cm3, 10 h. p.) in the block with a four-stage gear box became power unit for model S-3А. The fan and a housing of the cylinder cooling, an electric starter were built on the engine. The cycle-car turned out rather heavy (the equipped weight: 425 kg), with insufficiently high flotation ability (size of tires is 5,00–10" and a road clearance is 170 mm), bad dynamics (the greatest speed up to 60 km/h) and the big fuel consumption (4,5–5,0 l/100 km). Numerous attempts to modernize S-3А (the improved silencer, telescopic dampers and other innovations) were not crowned by success.

The further step was made in 1970 and transformed a cycle-car into car SMZ S-3D with the new closed body, but practically same chassis. The direction of automotive industry which was represented with cycle-car SMZ, appeared unpromising.

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