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cars: GAZ-14 «Seagull»

Passenger capacity: 7 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm : 6150 x 1840 x 1630
Kind of the engine and its volume: 8-cylinders, 5526 cm3
Engine power: 220 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 25 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 175 km/h

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In 1959 ZIM was changed on the conveyor by «Seagull» GAZ-13 not having an integral body. Bearing element of the new car was the Х-shaped frame, to which the body fastened through rubber pads in 16 points. From the technical point of view the car had many innovations. The 8-cylinder engine unified with the engine of the truck GAZ-53А, a quad carburetor, push-button controlling of a gear shift, moving out aerials of a radio receiver, the hydraulic booster of steering wheel. Such combination of nontraditional decisions was not applied in our automotive industry for no one domestically produced automobile model till 1959. Besides the body was equipped with electric window regulators and other innovations. The first batch of GAZ-13 was made in January, 1959 as a gift to opening XXI congress of the CPSU — one of displays of «window-dressing». Manufacture of the car proceeded till 1978. «Seagull» was framed manually from domestically produced details in quantity about 150 pieces in one year. On its base cabriolets GAZ-13B (only till 1962) and ambulance cars with universal bodies were produced by small batches.

Since 1977 GAZ-14 came on change of GAZ-13. New «Seagull» had body with a three-row arrangement of seats, clasp brakes of forward wheels, the hydraulic booster of a steering wheel. The engine power and the engine remained former. New car had increased level of comfort: the air conditioner, a stereophonic radio receiver with the aerial rising by the electromotor, electric window regulators, warming of front doors glasses by warm air. To tell the truth, as against the previous model, many of these completing parts were made in Japan. GAZ-14 was made till 1989 and it was removed from the conveyor during M. S. Gorbachyov's ruling as display of privileges for officials. «Seagull» from the collection of Automoto antiquities museum is one of the first cars of this model. It has a body №10 and was made in 1978. For a long time it was in Moscow — in the beginning in a Central Committee of the CPSU, later — in administration of the Moscow area. Until recently GAZ-14 was registered at the garage of regional administration of Primorski Region.

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