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cars: GAZ-21M «Volga»

Passenger capacity: 5 persons
Kind of the engine and its volume: 4 cylinders, 2432 cm3
Engine power: 75 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 9 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 130 km/h

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Gaz-21M has sturdy, firm and enduring automotive body, reliable and trouble-proof gas engine, and soft sprung and comfortable saloon. That model became a very good compromise between Europe and American design's schools. That car was universal, multipurpose and successfully worked in hard conditions. The innovations were curved windscreen and rear window, door lock of rotor type and hydraulic operated clutch. Since 1956 till the middle 1957 «Volga» had been producing in parallel with «Pobeda», and then completely had displayed it. It seems to be interesting that some number of Gaz-21 was produced with automatic gearbox (transmission), but because of low reliability it had been changed for more reliable hand-held. Since 1962 station wagons (estate cars) had been produced on the chassis of «Volga» with sedan, and «pension off» cars from car fleet had been rebuilding in pickup trucks (wagons). So, it took up the vacant place in our automotive industry.

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