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cars: GAZ-69

Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm: 3850 x 1850 x 2030
Kind of the engine and its volume: 2120 cm3
Engine power: 55 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 16.5 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 90 km/h

See also:   motor cycle

Off-road cars in period from 1945 till 1955 got less development in mechanic attitude than auto-trucks. The only new car project, which became mass-produced car in that period, was GAZ-69. The group of skilled technicians, under the supervision of chief-mechanic G. M. Vasserman, began to work with the model of that car in 1946. The car, which samples were called «Tryzhenic», turned out to be very successful. It was in two variations: five-seated five-door GAZ-69A and eight-seated tudor GAZ-69 with hinged side. The first, renovated the outmoded car GAZ-67B, has been producing since 1952, and the second — since the middle 1953. In period from 1955 till 1956 its manufacture (production) has been transferred to Ul'ianovsk, where with some modernization its has been rolling off the assembly line in general almost twenty years up to 1972. This model has got worldwide fame on a par with well-known analogues English «Land Rover» and American «Willis».

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