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cars: GAZ-А

Passenger capacity: 5 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm: 3875 Х 1710 Х 1780
Kind of the engine and its volume 4 cylinders, 3285 cm3
Engine power: 40 h.p.
Maximum speed: 90 km/h

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The contract with «Ford Motor Company» was applied not only for cargo model «Ford-АА», but also for unified with it «Ford-A». Originally it was planned to buy newer model, but because of shortage of money out-of-date model of 1927 was bought. Manufacture of the car was started in December, 1932. GAZ and GAZ-АА had the identical 40 h.p. engine power and many other unified details in a running gear and a body. In the USA this car was produced with several types of bodies, therefore the Soviet designers needed to choose, what body will be installed on the first GAZ passenger car. Having weighed technological and operational opportunities, our experts have stopped on a five-seater, four-door body of a phaeton type with canvas top.

In itself the GAZ car had the big road gleam, a three-stage gear box, a fuel delivery to the carburetor by gravity, a simple wiring which corresponded to Patriotic War service conditions and it was easily mastered by the majority of drivers. Cars of GAZ were very much distributed in our country in midpoint of 30th years. They carried out function of a taxi, ambulances were made on the basis of GAZ too. Manufacture of GAZ was stopped in 1936. On the conveyor of it was replaced by more modern GAZ-М1. Exactly after putting on the conveyor of newer car the private instruction was issued about removing from Moscow and Leningrad out-of-date phaetons. Thus presented in our collection GAZ, earlier belonging to writer Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy (from words of the driver of this car), was carried in 1937 in village Chernigovka at local department of land tenure.

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