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cars: GAZ-ААА

Load-carrying capacity: 2000 kg
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm 5335 Х 2040 Х 1970
Kind of the engine and its volume 4 cylinders, 3285 cm3
Engine power: 40 h. p.
Fuel consumption: 25 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 65 km/h

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In the beginning of 30th years trucks of a cross-country capacity were necessary for Red Army. It was originally planned to manufacture semi caterpillar trucks, but designs of GAZ and ZiS factories turned out unsuccessful. Then design collective of SATI headed by A. A. Lipgart has developed a design of six-wheel truck GAZ-ААА on the basis of serial truck GAZ-АА. Replacement of the rear drive bridge with the biaxial carriage allowed to increase flotation ability sharply.

YaG-10 from Yaroslavl became the first serial six-wheel truck with 8 tons carrying capacity, after it in 1933 ZiS-6 from Moscow with 4 tons carrying capacity was put on the conveyor. The GAZ-ААА with 2 tons carrying capacity was put on the conveyor in latest. The truck was based on units of already mastered one-and-a-half-ton trucks and consequently was the most mass. The engine power was equal 50 h.p. The fuel consumption of six-wheel truck was equal 27L / 100 km.

However although manufacture of six-wheel modifications of trucks was not expensive, their flotation ability appeared insufficient from the point of view of militarians. Occurred the Great Patriotic War emphasized this thesis. Even before war designers of many countries tried to construct the truck with the drive gear on a front axle. For the first time in the USSR all-wheel drive truck was constructed in 1941 (ZiS-32). Then Gorki car factory developed six-wheel all-wheel drive car GAZ-33, the further development of GAZ-ААА, but because of war manufacture of trucks of this model was adjusted only in 1946. GAZ-ААА was removed from manufacture in 1943. In Red army six-wheel trucks were used basically as means of transportation of guns. The majority of them had already been lost in the first months of war, by the end of the Great Patriotic War there were basically only field automobile repair shops (FARS).

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