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cars: «Moskvich-401»

Passenger capacity: 4 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm: 3855 Х 1400 Х 1555
Kind of the engine and its volume: 4 cylinders, 1070 cm3
Engine power: 26 h. p.
Maximum speed: 90 km/h

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The victory of our people in Great Patriotic War returned the country to peace work. Restoration of motor industry began and reconstruction of factories was carried out. New models were prepared for manufacture. On August, 26, 1945 resolution of the State Committee of Defense «About restoration and development of automobile industries» was signed. The new five years plan of restoration and development of national economy for 1946–1950 provided rapid development of motor industry.

The Moscow factory of midget cars (МFМC) since January, 1947 had started manufacturing of passenger cars «Moskvich-400». Partly it is possible to count its predecessor pre-war «KIM-10», but that on account of reparations from Germany the equipment of a factory «Opel» was moved out it played basic role. Model «Opel-Kadet К38» almost without changes became a basis for new «Moskvich». The first car was framed in December 1946. Year for year «Moskvich» were exposed modernizations: the engine power was increased from 23 up to 26 h. p., advanced gear box with the lever of switching on a steering wheel, the new steering wheel was installed. Since 1954 the advanced base model received an index «Moskvich-401». These two models became the first Soviet cars which were on sale for individual using at the price of 18 thousand pre-reform roubles.

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