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cars: Moskvich-403

Passenger capacity: 4 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm: 4055 x 1540 x 1560
Kind of the engine and its volume: 4 cylinders 1360 cm3
Engine power: 45 h. p.
Maximum speed: 115 km/h

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The line of a small class cars in 1956 was continued by «Moskvich» of new model «402». Main designer of МFМC A. F. Andronov managed to aim small collective of the designers of the factory to the decision of rather hard problem to design essentially other model in which the engine, gear-box and reducer of the rear bridge were kept from former one truly in the modernized kind. This model became the pioneer of our car construction in many respects: the bent windshield, push-button controlling of the doors locks and another. The car received comfortable for its class integral body, very strong and convenient under repair. In 1957 manufacturing of the first in our country of updating with a five-door body universal «Moskvich-423» was begun. With folded rear seats it was possible to transport 250 kg of a cargo in it.

Since May, 1958 the car had received an index «407» and the new engine with power 45 h. p. The new car began to be completed with a radio receiver and hours, had two-color painting of the body (the first among nationally produced cars). The Greek racers taking part on «Moskvich» in rally «Acropolis» won foreign competitors. Since 1962 till 1965 the transitive model of «Moskvich-403» equipped with some units and units of new model «408» was produced. Third of such cars was delivered for export.

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