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cars: Moskvich-M408

Passenger capacity: 5 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm: 4090 X 1550 X 1480
Kind of the engine and its volume: 4 cylinders, 1358 cm3
Engine power: 50 h. p.
Fuel consumption: 8 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 120 km/h

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The output of that car started in September 1964. The buyers took it in good part, especially foreign consumers. The model of that car successfully exposed in London auto show. «Moskvich-408» with double-barrel carburetor, automatic adjusting brake, good design decision of car body and swing-type pedal (foot pedal), more safe engine jacket (capote, motor hood) with front hinges, and head lighting with four light head lamp gained a lot of adherers. It was reflected on the export: in 1968 55% of one-year output was sold abroad. «Moskvich-408» had been producing for longtime up to December 1975, also many times modernized: in 1969 that car produced with rectangular head lamp, and some later with two-part front seat and floor change-speed lever.

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