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cars: ZAZ-968A

Passenger capacity: 4 persons
Kind of the engine and its volume: 4 cylinders, 1.197 L
Engine power: 40 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 6.2 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 118 km/h

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After finishing the output of the first Soviet bantam (compact) car Zaz-965, Zaporozhian automobile factory started to produce the new large output of "Zaporozhets" model Zaz-966, which had more roomy body and set-back engine. Since 1969 the model Zaz-968 based on model 966 produced with new engine and with small changes. And since 1975 Zaporozhian automobile factory started to produce with the same body Zaz-968A, but it some differed from its predecessor, Zaz-968A had new brake system, improved front seats and antitheft ignition lock. Also that factory on the basis of all listed models produced versions with hand control (manual control) for disabled persons. The principal defect of that car was air-cooled engine MeMZ-968. «Zaporozhets» became very popular not only in Soviet Union, but in foreign countries too (even Greece and Italy), where its models were exported.

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