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cars: ZiS-101

Passenger capacity: 7 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm : 5750 x 1890 x 1870
Kind of the engine and its volume: 8 cylinders, 5766 cm3
Engine power : 90 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 26.5 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 115 - 120 km/h

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In 1935 on Moscow auto plant in the name of Stalin started to project the first Soviet executive car, based on American «Buick-32–90». The first two samples of Zis-101 were showed to Stalin and to the members of Political Bureau (Politbureau) in Spring 1936. The line-assembly of Zis-101 started in January 1937. Up to 1941 8752 copies of that model and its versions (Zis-101A, Zis-102) were produced. It's very interesting that the first part of car bodies for that cars were made not in our country, but American car bodies of «Buick-32–90» were bought. The car bodies were bought to the total amount of 1,5 million $. Some cars for the first time were made with car radio receiver (auto radio), and also there were (bullet-proof) ironclad cars and cabriolets.

The Commanding General of Pacific Fleet in the period 1930–1940 has been driving that car, which is represented in our museum. General-in- chief, Admiral of the Fleet of Soviet Union Nikolay Gerasimovich Kyznechov and Admiral Ivan Alekseevich Yumashev also used that car. The Vladivostok's streets nowadays are called in honor of those men. In the end of 1940 the sample of that car in the car park of Pacific Fleet was replaced with modern Zis-110B. In 1950 all cars Zis-101 changed engines to more modern (from soviet truck Zis-151 or American Studebaker US6), but our sample by some miracle preserved engine of 1936. In 1953 that car was sold to the private. So, after third resale it was turned in the hands of real specialist — P.Z. Dem'yanenko. In 1957 that car by some miracle escaped fire situation, after 40 years (in 1997) its owner has pensioned off and handed that car to our museum. Since that moment P.Z. Dem'yanenko is the welcome guest of our museum.

Today Petr (Peter) Zaharovich Dem'yanenko is 83 years old. He has estimable, hard life and great battle and working experience. He did military service from 17 years old. In January 1944 he was sent to the blockade running (breaking of a blockade) in Leningrad as part of Far Eastern group. Since 10.06.1944 he saw action in the battling through Mannergaim, where he was heavily made a casualty (was wounded). Then he saw action in Estonia after 3 months of in-patient care. Hereafter, with the 59 army he was thrown over to Poland on Krakov, then Vistula, Oder. After Oder — he again was on frontline (firingline) and hospital. The war for P.Z. Zaharovicha has ended near Prague. In 1947 he went to work to the Far East factory, where he has been working for 50 years. Since 1997 he doesn't work, he is on pension. When he got know about our museum, he came and made a gift of his car Zis-101 to us. He has been working on that car for 40 years. Today that car is the exhibit item №1.

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