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cars: ZiS-110B

Passenger capacity: 7 persons
Dimensions (length Х width Х height), mm: 6000 x 1960 x 1730
Kind of the engine and its volume: 8 cylinders, 6007 cm3
Engine power: 140 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 27.5 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 140 km/h

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Designing of big representation car ZiS-110 was started even in the summer of 1943. Works were conducted with fast rate, and already on September, 20, 1944 the sample of the car had accepted with State Committee of Defense (SCD), and on July, 20, 1945 assembly of the first batch of cars began. Director of car factory I. A. Lihachyov attached great importance to this model in fact it was passage to a new level of technical perfection. In design of ZiS-110 for the first time in our automobile branch hydraulic pushers, hypoid gears of final drive pinions, hydraulic window regulators found application. All this demanded high culture of manufacture and new technologies. For the first stamps for ZiS-101 really were bought in the USA for considerable money. But though ZIS-110 in according with one of versions in many respects was copied from American «paccard», stamps were made by own forces.

ZiS-110 with a seven-seater body of type the limousine was equipped with the eight-cylinder engine with power 140 h. p. and was equipped very comfortably. Despite of heavy weight (2572 kg), the car accelerated quickly up to 140 km/h and was the most high-speed domestically produced car of those years. ZIS-110 was used for serving the supreme party and government departments. Also the model was produced with a cabriolet body (ZiS-110B, since 1949) and with the armoured body and the additional equipment of passenger compartment (ZiS-115, since 1945). Also some ambulances with universal body were made, attempts to create all-wheel drive cars (ZiS-110P, 1947 and ZiS-110S with units of American jeep Dodge WC-51, 1952) were undertaken. The car from a collection of Automoto antiquities museum for a long time was registered to garage of a Pacific fleet staff and was used by fleet commanders as such admirals of S. N. Gorshkov and N. G. Kuznetsov. During visiting in Vladivostok of the General secretary of a Central Committee of CPSU N. S. Hrushchyov in 1959, the head of our country used this car.

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