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cars: ZiS-151

Passenger capacity: 2500/4500*** kg
Kind of the engine and its volume: 6 cylinders, 5555 cm3
Engine power: 92 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 46 / 55*** km
Maximum speed: 60 km/h

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Its need to say, that ZiS-151 was not soviet variant of «Stoodbekker», «International» or «GMC», which was three-axis four-wheel drive machines with weight-lifting 2500 kg. But those cars had the same purpose, design (construction) and size of flatbed truck (cargo bed) with platform-and-stake body and lengthwise convertible benches. Although those cars had almost the same broad wise (2320 mm) and height (2740 mm) ZiS-151 was longer on the average on 800–1500 mm (6930 mm), its curb weight amounted to 5880 kg (ZiS-151 A with winch) or 5580 kg (ZiS-151 without winch).

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