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cars: ZiS-5V

Passenger capacity: 3000 kg
Kind of the engine and its volume: 6 cylinders, 3.555 L
Engine power: 76 h.p.
Fuel consumption: 34 L / 100 km
Maximum speed: 60 km/h

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Since 1933 Moscow automobile factory in the name of Stalin (Zis) produced trucks with weight-lifting of 3 ton. That truck based on American «Autocar CA» of the end of twenties, but even in the end of thirties in USSR Zis-5 was quite modern vehicle. Before beginning the Great Patriotic War 105 000 (one hundred and five thousand) trucks were produced, and when the war began one in five truck were in army service. When the war began many factories and plants (and Zis too) were evacuated from Moscow. The equipage was removed to Ulyanovsk and Miass. Miassky automobile factory (UralZis) started the production in Spring 1942, and some later Ulyanovsky automobile factory (UlyZis) joined to it. In 1944 the factory was opened again in Moscow. But these factories produced not Zis-5, but truck Zis-5B. The construction of Zis-5B was simplified in comparison with pre-war model: the front brake passed away, the form of wings changed, the cabin became wooden. So, on every vehicle saved 200 kg of so much needed metal to the frontline (battlefield). When war ended, only Miassky factory continued to produce Zis-5B with many times modernizations.

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