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motor cycle: AWO-425

Weight: 140 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 247 cm3
Engine power: 12 h.p.
Maximum speed: 100 km/h

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After division of Germany into FRG (West Germany) and GDR (East Germany) the majority of factories remained on the territory of FRG. In East Germany there were only two factories — branch of BMW in Eisenah and factory DKW in Tshopau. At the first one till 1955 pre-war model BMW R35 was produced. Interestingly that soon the firm has replaced the name on EMW and dark blue sectors on an emblem became red. At the second factory in 1949 it was possible to adjust manufacture of pre-war model DKW-RT125.

One more center of motorcycle manufacture arose at the end of the fortieth years on former arms factory «Simson». Here manufacture of motorcycle AWO-425 was begun on basis of one pre-war models of BMW.

Abbreviation «AWO» was deciphered as «Autowelo» — the Soviet joint-stock company which united some German factories which manufactured technics for deliveries on reparations. In 1952 factories of this company were assigned to the government of GDR, and the motorcycle was produced under «Simson» trademark. It remained in the production program of a factory till 1961, but in 1955 the first moped with the one-cylinder engine was made, and gradually light technics more accessible and popular superseded expensive four-cycle motorcycle.

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