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motor cycle: BMW R75

Weight: 410 kg
Kind of the engine: 2 cylinders
Engine volume: 746 cm3
Engine power: 26 h.p.
Maximum speed: 92 km/h

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The special place in motorcycle units of Wehrmacht was allocated for heavy motorcycles. Experience of military actions of 1940 on the Balkans and the Near East showed necessity of creation and acceptance on arms of heavy motorcycles with a cross-country capacity. In midpoint of 1940 Wehrmacht command presented the order to two leading firms BMW and «Zundapp» for designing of such motorcycles. And already at the end of one year the first samples of BMW R75 and «Zundapp КS-750» left from factory conveyors.

The first batches of BMW R75 were delivered to Northern Africa for equipment of general Rommel’s army, therefore soon the informal name «Sahara» was attached to this motorcycle. There was special variant for the war against the USSR. That model had name «Siberia», which had wet oil air filter and others differences. Since 1942 these motorcycles appear on East front. Then the motorcycle received a new nickname — «Siberia» In total since 1941 till 1944 1800 pieces of BMW R-75 were made. The motorcycle had the drive gear to a buddy seat, system of regulation of a wheels suspender depending on a condition of a ground and a mode of an economic course in conditions of a viscous dirty for the speed of 3,5 km/h.

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