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motor cycle: BSA 4.93 H.P. Model S26

Weight: 105 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 493 cm3

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BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) was the first-rate and the largest producer of cycles in Great Britain. BSA came in sight in 1854 as union of weapon producers, which joined together 14 Birmingham gunsmiths. In 1880 BSA started to produce bicycles and replacement parts for it, in 1903 started to motorize it and in 1909 produced the first motorcycle with one-cylinder engine «Minerva» 499 ccs. During the World War I the production of motorcycles was stopped. The company concentrated on producing of weapon, but after war turned back to the motorcycles. In 1920 in production program of BSA were light two-tactnics 175 cc and motorcycles with one and two V-shaped cylinder, which had volumetric capability from 250 cc to 1000 cc.

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