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motor cycle: Harley-Davidson WLA42

Weight: 257 kg
Kind of the engine: 2 cylinders
Engine volume: 742 cm3
Engine power: 25 h.p.
Maximum speed: 100 km/h

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American «Harley-Davidson WLA42» is concerned as the most widespread models, representing itself specially developed model of wartime. The motorcycle had recommended itself in front conditions very well. WLA42 was used both in variant «solo», and with buddy seat (from М72). Motorcycles were applied in reconnaissance, units of communication, as staff transport. In total within war from 30 up to 58 thousand «Harleys» (on the different data) were delivered to Soviet Union. These motorcycles served and after Great Patriotic War. On memoirs of veterans in post-war years an equipment of State auto inspection of Vladivostok consisted of American «Harley-Davidson WLA42».

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