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motor cycle: IZH-350

Weight: 145 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 346 cm3
Engine power: 10.5 h.p.
Maximum speed: 90 km/h

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In 1946 at Izhevsk motorcycle factory new motorcycle Izh-350 was made, German DKW-NZ350 became as basis for which. For the fastest start of the conveyor in branch of company DKW in the city of Tshopau the main designer of «Izhmash» V. I. Lavrentsov and main technologist V. P. Boltushev came with the purpose of reception of the special equipment. As legend tells, as the technical adviser Gerberta Verner who made DKW-NZ350 was brought to Izhevsk. At the end of 1946 83 motorcycles were made, and they were framed from ready DKW details and units and there were emblems of concern «Auto-Union» (four rings) on them. In total since 1946 till 1951 126267 pieces of «IZH-350» were made.

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