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motor cycle: IZH-8

Weight: 135 kg
Kind of the engine and its volume: 1-cylinder, 293 cm3
Engine power: 8 h.p.
Maximum speed: 80 km/h

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The government of USSR after presentation of the first Soviet serial motorcycle L–300 in 1930 set the task to increase the output of motorcycles to 50 000 (fifty thousand). The reconstruction of Podolsky and Taganrogsky factories was made, and was built Izhevsky motorcycle factory. Izhevsky motor factory started to produce IZH–7, which was modernized model of L–300. Izhevsky motor factory started to produce IZH–8 in 1934, which had more powerful engine and ignition system as against L–300. Then, factory modernized engine and produced the model IZH–9 and IZH–12 with four-stroke (four-cycle) engine.

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