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motor cycle: IZH «Planeta Sport»

Weight: 135 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 350 cm3
Engine power: 32 h.p.
Maximum speed: 140 km/h

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The main distinction of Izh «Planeta Sport» was pointed out in the name of it. It was up-to-date, graceful, racing and sporting motorcycle. That motorcycle differed from others Soviet motorcycles very much and (up to the small screw) was the fastest Soviet motorcycle of seventies-eighties. However, there are several motorcycles of that model in garages of amateurs. In 1974 the amateurs of motorcycles were shocked with sensation. In that moment appeared the first serial sports motorcycle «Izh Planeta Sport 350». The Soviet motorcycle for the first time fitted up with separate engine lubrication system. At that moment such technical innovation seemed to be fantastic. The engine of 350 cubic centimeters (the piston diameter was 76 mm) had Japanese carburetor Mikuni, what permitted to develop impressive for that moment 32 HP (horse power) having 6700 rpm (revolutions per minute). For solo motorcycle with dry weight (base weight) 135 kg.

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