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motor cycle: Indian-741B

Weight: 205 kg
Kind of the engine: 2 cylinders
Engine volume: 746 cm3
Engine power: 18 h.p.
Maximum speed: 106 km/h

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Though by June, 1941 very many motorcycles were adopted in Red Army (only motorcycle regiments were 29), the losses suffered in the first months of war, appeared very much appreciable. Besides, evacuation in depth of the country of some motorcycle factories essentially affected on drop of quantity of deliveries of motorcycles in army. Deliveries on lend — lease from the USA and the Great Britain allowed to fill needs of army for technics. Since spring of 1942 on fronts of Great Patriotic War the American and English motorcycles began to appear. Widely widespread model was «Indian-741B» being symbiosis of three pre-war models. The motorcycle recommended itself very much from the good side. «Indian» was used both in variant «solo» (singles), and with a buddy seat (from M-72). In total within war about 4000 «Indians» were delivered to Soviet Union.

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