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motor cycle: Jawa 250 Special

Weight: 95 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 248 cm3
Engine power: 9 h.p.
Maximum speed: 100 km/h

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The company «Jawa» became the main producer of motorcycles in Czechoslovakia. Its history began in 1929, when the armourer Frantisek Yanechek decided to reorient to outputting of motorcycles, because of decreasing contracts for the armament. He bought licenses for new model and industrial equipment for its producing at German company Wanderer, which decided at that time to produce automobile vehicles.

The weighty motorcycle with engine volume 500 cc and with drive gear on cardan axle (shaft) did not have buyer’s demands in conditions of economic crisis. So, under the leadership of famous Englishman designer J. William Patched the new lightly motorcycle with engine volume 175 cc was created. The motorcycle made its debut in 1932 and immediately won recognition from Czech motor-cyclists. In 1935 the 250-cube models were put on the assembly line, and more powerful models with four-stroke engines with volumetric capability 350 cc started to produce in 1936.

The motorcycles «Jawa-250» also produced for Czechoslovakia’s army, and after German occupation the motorcycles started to produce for German army needs. The «Jawa-250» with some development continued to produce even after war.

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