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motor cycle: Zundapp КS-750

Weight: 420 kg
Kind of the engine: 2 cylinders
Engine volume: 751 cm3
Engine power: 25 h.p.
Maximum speed: 95 km/h

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«Zundapp-КS-750» received in army a nickname «the green elephant» and quickly was extended. «Zundapp» with a buddy seat, despite of the big weight, was simple in steering and it is reliable. Till 1942 the motorcycle was made for army by the civil industry, and since 1942 till 1945 and with military department.

Both models were used basically with a buddy seat on which machine-guns of MG-34 or MG-42 system were installed on special machine-gun ring. Motorcycles were used in various units of German army: tank and artillery units, reconnaissance, communication by courier, field gendarmerie. Soldiers of Red Army willingly used trophy technics.

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