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motor cycle: L-300 «Red October»

Weight: 135 kg
Kind of the engine and its volume:1-cylinder, 293 cm3
Engine power: 6 h.p.
Maximum speed: 75 km/h

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At the end of 20th years of XX century in Soviet Union alongside with automobile industry the motorcycle industry began to develop. After several attempts to adjust manufacture of motorcycles in Moscow («Union»), Izhevsk («Izh» 1–5) the special commission of the Supreme Soviet of national economy (SSNE) of USSR in September, 1930 charged Leningrad trust of mass production — «Tremass», on the basis of German DKB «Lux-300» to master serial manufacture of motorcycles. Already at the end of September, 1930 at a factory «Promet» the experimental batch from 25 motorcycles was framed. 8 motorcycles soon took part in the second all-Union test run. In spite of the fact that during run at a motorcycle 35 large and fine lacks have been revealed, it was solved after them elimination to mass-produce this motorcycle. Since 1933 under brand L-300 (L — Leningrad) the factory «Red October» began to frame this motorcycle.

L-300 «Red October» practically at once became very popular in the country. Any pre-war motor-competitions (cross, track races) did not take place without its participation. At the end of 30th years significant amount L-300 was in the Vladivostok automotor club. Besides for a long time the motorcycle was adopted in Red Army.

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