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motor cycle: M-72

Weight: 380 kg
Kind of the engine: 2 cylinders
Engine volume: 746 cm3
Engine power: 22 h.p.
Maximum speed: 85 km/h

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To the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the need of Red Army for heavy motorcycle technics was not sufficiently satisfied. First of all it applied to quality indicators. Being adopted TIZ-АМ-600, PMZ-А750 quickly became outdated and did not meet more and more growing requirements. For example, TIZ with a hook-on buddy seat in conditions of impassability of roads proved to be extremely poorly.

In the beginning of 1940 in Moscow the meeting of military and civil motorcycles experts and representatives of factories was called. Militarians have demanded immediately to master manufacture of more powerful motorcycle. As a sample German of BMW-R71, one of the most powerful motorcycles of German army of those years was taken. From Germany (under other version — from Switzerland) some pieces R71 were delivered and transferred them to Moscow motorcycle factory (MMF) where manufacture of new model M-72 was begun. The motorcycle was equipped with a telescopic forward wheel fork, opposite engine with power 22 h. p. The drive gear on a rear wheel was carried out with the help of a propeller shaft.

In the spring of 1941 pre-production models M-72 were shown in the Kremlin to representatives of Red Army command. Assembly was conducted on Moscow car factory of Stalin (ZiS), and after evacuation of a factory to Miass some time M-72 were sent to front from conveyor of Gorki automobile factory (GAZ). The factory was evacuated by autumn of 1941 to Irbit where manufacture of a motorcycle was proceeded all war and after it till 1961. M-72 was widely used both in a field army, and in rear, having recommended itself reliable and fade-free. Later a frame and the engine of this motorcycle were used for creation of new model M-63 and family of motorcycles «Ural».

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