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motor cycle: MMVZ Minsk

Weight: 115 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 125 cm3
Engine power: 11 h.p.
Maximum speed: 95 km/h

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It was model of motorcycle which Minsky factory of motorcycles and bicycles produced. The country folk love that motorcycle because of good passing ability and reliability, town dwellers love because of maneuverability and small size. That motorcycle had sporting view thanks to comfortable support saddle, new form of tool box (two), which was in harmony with new gasoline tank, engine cylinder and base chamber (motor case). The engine had cylinder and base chamber of new form. It became more powerful to 0,5 HP (horse power). The maximal speedup increased in 5 kilometer per hour. The carburetor and air filter made open, what provided easy access to it.

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