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motor cycle: TIZ-АМ-600

Weight: 185 kg
Kind of the engine and its volume: 1 cylinder, 596 cm3
Engine power: 16.5 h.p.
Maximum speed: 95 km/h

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The beginning of 30th years of the last century was marked by the accelerated motorization of main armies of Europe. And our country didn't remain aloof. Besides armored troops and automobile technics Red Army began to be equipped with motorcycles strenuously. In 1936 Taganrog tool factory (ТTF) of Stalin started manufacturing of special military model of motorcycle TIZ-АМ-600. Having taken as the pilot model the English motorcycle BSА-600 SLOWPER of 1930 and, having brought in its design a number of essential improvements (tubular combined team from 13 elements a frame, German system of an arrangement of levers, etc.), the factory gave armies on those times the most powerful (16,5 h. p.) a domestically produced motorcycle. TIZ was widely used in elements of scouts, signalmen, military traffic controllers of movement. On it, the only thing from the Soviet motorcycles, machine-gun of Degteryov system was installed directly on a handle bar. The small amount of motorcycles was transferred to militia, in Osoaviahim circles.

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