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moto cycle: VP-150 «Vyatka»

Weight: 120 kg
Kind of the engine: 1 cylinder
Engine volume: 148 cm3
Engine power: 4.5 h.p.
Maximum speed: 70 km/h

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In midpoint of the fiftieth years Communist Party and the government unexpectedly for itself found out a gaping blank in a type of the Soviet motor-technics: there were no motor scooters in it. At the end of the fortieth — the beginning of the fiftieth years in the European countries, the countries of Southeast Asia the new kind of personal transport (a motor scooter) received a wide circulation, it was reliable, easy, economic, and the main thing accessible under the price. And on June, 19, 1956 the Council of Ministers of the USSR accepted the decision to adjust manufacture of the scooters in our country.

In Serpukhov Central design office on a sample of the Italian motor scooter «wespa» (wasp) drawings of the first Soviet motor scooter «Vyatka» were made and transferred for Vyatsko-Polyansky car-building factory. In autumn of 1956 at a factory at the presence of a small number of correspondents first pre-production models of VP-150 were showed. Since 1957 motor scooters went to the series. Also on base of  «Vyatka» cargo «ants» dump trucks and tanks were produced. In 1959 under order of Exhibition of National Economic Achievement motor-taxi was designed. In total since 1957 till 1979 1395580 motor scooters of several modifications were made at Vyatsko-Polyansky factory.

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